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Independent Artist, Producers, Entrepreneurs, and Startups Companies. 


To qualify for distribution you must be SIGNED UP WITH A PRO.



CONDITIONS: Any independent (non-major label - subsidiary labels, okay) songwriter may submit CD's consideration on BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC. Submission of product for consideration does NOT guarantee a spot. BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC will NOT contact you to confirm receipt of package delivery.

BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC has the right to edit any portion of the album, at its own discretion, without prior consent of artist/songwriter. BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC grants artist/songwriter the right to use the Listening Party that features the artist/songwriter, for their own promotional use without the prior written consent of BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC and without compensation

of any kind to BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC as long as it is used solely for the intent to help promote artist/songwriter and their press kit, for booking agents, managers and/or other print media for added exposure. Any other use requires the prior written consent and/or possible contract modifications by BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC.



By submitting any material or information to BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC (which is a product of DACHIEFCREATIVEOFFICER.COM.) the undersigned and each of them expressly confirms that they have read, understand and agree to the following:


The undersigned, and each of them, including without limitation, their respective successors, assigns, agents, distributors and licensees (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Licensors"), grant to BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC, its successors, affiliates, assigns, agents, distributors and licensees, the irrevocable though nonexclusive right and license to display, exhibit, publicly perform, broadcast, and otherwise transmit by means of Internet Transmission (also referred to as "streaming"),in whole or in part, the following properties, materials and information:

(1) The master sound recordings listed by title within the attached Schedule "A", hereby incorporated herein by this reference.

(2) Those named musical composition(s) embodied on the above Master sound recordings,

(3) the names (real and professional), trademarks, vocals, trade names, likenesses, photographs, biographical materials of the Licensor, and of the artists whose performances are embodied on the above Master sound recordings, in addition to all other graphic and/or textual material provided by the Licensors to BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC.

The foregoing rights are granted to BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC for no cost, the consideration
being the promotional value to the Licensors from the BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC Listening Party and the BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC website.

The Licensors each warrant and represent;

(1) that the Licensors are the sole and exclusive owners of all the rights granted herein, including the rights in and to the Master sound recordings, videos, compositions, copyright, trademark, trade name, artwork, text and other materials provided hereto;

(2) that the sound recordings contain only the Licensors' original performances and no "sampled" material is contained thereon;

(3) that no materials submitted by the Licensors will violate any law, or violate or infringe upon the rights of any Person, including, without limitation, contractual rights, intellectual property rights, publicity and privacy rights and the rights against libel, defamation and slander; and

(4) that the Licensors are under no disability, restriction or prohibition with respect to the Licensors' right to execute this Agreement.

The Licensors each agree to indemnify and hold harmless BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC and its successors, assigns, agents and licensees from any claim, liability, cost and expense in connection with any claim which is inconsistent with any agreement, representation or warranty made by the Licensors herein. Without limiting the foregoing, the Licensors each further agree to take full legal responsibility for any questions, problems, costs or expenses that may arise in connection with any collaborators, publishers, and/or royalty collection agencies with whom Licensors may be affiliated or associated (including but not limited to organizations like ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN, Sound Exchange, AVLA, etc.)

The term of this agreement shall be for the full life of BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC from the first day any audio, video or audiovisual material covered by this agreement is uploaded on BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC for the sole purpose of promoting said songwriter on the BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC and/or the BLUNTART.NET  Website.

The Licensors each acknowledges that any information, cd's DATS, or other promotional material sent to BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC SHALL NOT BE RETURNED.

The Licensors each agree that BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC, it's successors, assigns, agents, distributors and licensees, will not be held liable for any claims, infringements, damages or losses of any kind resulting from the actions of third parties in connection with materials submitted by the Licensors, including without limitation, the violations of links used for either personal or commercial broadcast and/or display, illegal storage of audio, video or other images used by BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC for Listening Party on the internet, or any other infraction of copyright to the songwriter and/or legal copyright holders. BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC also shall not be held responsible for any content of a third party's website where an external BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC link is placed, including without limitation, as part of  social media, electronic media magazine, radio shows, Vlogs or Blogs.

FEES: Each submission will be charged a processing fee of $20 USD. Your payment signifies this agreement, undersigned, and each party, hereby declares that they are legally, morally, and mentally able to give legal consent to the terms and conditions of this contract.




This Agreement is effective as of the following date BLUNTART.NET/MUSIC receive the Payment of Processing Fee and e-mail of Submitted content. 


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